Thursday, 5 June 2008

Coastal Zone Management End Test

For the end test we were asked, to construct a list of conflicts occuring in the coastal zone on a global scale. A list of participants in the conflict and an analysis of potential resolutions. I started by statiing that some of the main conflicts occuring are mainly tourism and leisure, pollution, dredging, fishing and general human impact. on a natural note climate change and sea level rise, and natural disasters are the main causes of conflict.

With regard to the list of participants I included the general public and those working in the coastal zone such as fisherman and local tourism businesses like dive schools.
As well as governments local councils, Agricultural professionals, scientists and several of the global organisations, like WSPA, Green Peace, National Trust and the MCA.

After I constructed the lists I drew up a spider diagram, with conflict and resolution as my central point, from which I branched out with key titles such as: pollution, leisure and tourism, litter, dredging and others.

From there I gave an example for each title of a specific cicumstance that each of the titles was effecting the coastal zone of a particular place. I then Gave ways they have resolved, them or are attempting to resolve them.

Finally I gave a short list of possible resolutions on a general scale, for each subject heading, based purely on my own understanding of each area and what I have previous researched on the subject of coastal zone management.

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